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Health concerns : asthma, rosacea, blood pressure, weight gain

I have suffered skin issues for years which have periodically been dealt with using steroids. After developing Rosacea all over my face I saw my GP who prescribed antibiotics - these made no difference to my condition over some 6 months.

At this point I was recommended to work with Amani to see if my nutrition and gut health was a cause of these skin conditions. I embarked on a 4 month nutrition program with Amani. During the program we also decided to address long term issues that I have including Asthma and Hypertension. I have had these conditions managed and monitored by standard GP medications over a number of years.

The results of the program have been amazing. Not only has the rosacea on my face almost completely cleared, we have identified the triggers which cause the rosacea to present. In addition to this I have also had amazing success in the following:

  • reduction in my blood pressure to a much more normal level to the point that I am discussing with my GP to reduce the amount of blood pressure medication I am taking,

  • a loss of over 13.5 kilos over the program - unlike previous diets/weight loss programs I have followed, this reduction has been achieved without going through a starvation type diet, I have never eaten so much to be on a diet

  • my asthma is much more manageable and I have reduced the amount of asthma medication I take daily.

Working with Amani has been an amazing experience, not only has she guided me through the process and helped me understand the importance of good nutrition but she has changed my whole way of thinking about food and how this impacts our overall health. I would highly recommend working with Amani.

F., Male, 50, London, August 2021

Health concerns : asthma, rosacea, blood pressure, weight gain,


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