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Health concerns: Bloating, flatulence, hair and skin issues

I would like to say thank you for creating a space for me to talk about issues that were a bit embarrassing, but you made me feel safe and really helped me feel so much better in the last few months. I am grateful!!

I was working from home due to Covid and I was getting my kitchen renovated. I thought he’d be a perfect time to explore new ways of preparing food as well as new ingredients.

I chose Amani because she was specifically focused on gut health. I knew I didn’t have an illness so most doctors would have just turned me away saying I was healthy. However, discomfort can also make life less enjoyable and a nutritionist was what I was looking for. I saw Amani focused on those specific issues and I reached out. She also mentioned the option of doing stool test, which to me sounded like a very scientific and helpful way to start the journey.

Overall my health is good, but I would often experience bloating and discomfort in my gut. Some healthy foods can still cause a lot of bloating if eaten all together, without the right preparation. My mind would be foggy at times and I was often worrying about not feeling totally ok despite eating fairly healthy.

During the programme, I felt so well especially during the first month. I started cooking the recipes Amani suggested and loved them. Already during my first month my bloating had reduced a lot and I started learning small tricks that helped a lot. Things like having a bowl of fresh fruits before breakfast, adding a bit of sauerkraut to dishes and also having lots of raw vegetables.

My fear at the start was that we would try a lot of things, but we wouldn’t be able to pinpoint exactly what was causing the discomfort. But we did! And so I was able since the beginning to tackle the issue and eat food I really loved.

I also absolutely loved tips to detox that Amani gave me beyond the recipes. I truly felt like I was treating myself like a queen.

I wasn’t a huge fan of cold salads because I prefer warm foods, but with Amani I got lots of ideas for really delicious salads using prawns, zucchini spaghetti, farro and sweet potatoes. Also, I love pasta but Amani suggested alternatives that I found actually really tasty, like rice pasta or buckwheat pasta. The main thing for me was getting ideas of foods I could eat and that made me feel satisfied, so that I would keep making these recipes instead of dropping them after the programme.

I feel more aware of the alternatives I have. I know better how to control the bloating and how to avoid feeling discomfort. I do see a big difference in how my hair feels and my skin looks. Even my hairdresser noticed my hear was so healthy and shiny! My mind is definitely clearer and I can focus for longer. I feel more in tune with my body overall.

Please don’t think that just because you don’t have a medical issue, you don’t have the right to feel better about something that causes discomfort. Amani will create a safe and private space so don’t feel ashamed about talking gut issues with her! They are part of our body and our body is beautiful but we also need to look after it properly. Talking to Amani will give you more information, tips and ideas to nurture your body and take care of your health

I, 38, Dublin, Account Manager, November 2020

Bloating, flatulence, hair and skin issues


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