My name is Amani, I am a Belgian Nutritional Therapist living in London.  I like to call myself a citizen of the world. I grew up in Brussels but after uni, I moved to Dublin where I spent 7 years working for Tech companies. Then one day, London called and I answered. And here I am, living my best life in the UK.

I fell into the world of nutrition when I was  12 after being diagnosed with asthma. I started taking pills on a daily basis. Instead of getting better, things got worse over time. Deep down, I knew popping more pills every year would not solve my problem. I knew I had to address the root cause of my asthma. One day, I  watched a life-changing documentary called Crazy Sexy Cancer portraying a young American actress diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. She documented her journey across America looking for a miraculous cure. After months of traveling, she finally found peace and happiness through whole foods and mindfulness. That day marked the beginning of my own journey towards optimum health. Apart from asthma, I also suffered from other chronic conditions such as adrenal fatigue, candida overgrowth, hyperhidrosis, panic attacks and had my appendix removed. Being curious by nature and not totally convinced by traditional medicine, I embarked on a lifelong adventure of self-experimentation. I was determined to learn to listen to my body, make peace with my symptoms and find a more natural way to reduce inflammation in my body. I learned how the gut is connected to all the body systems so that's where I decided to focus my efforts. Thankfully asthma, candida overgrowth and panic attacks all belong to the past now. 

My health journey led me to qualify as a  Nutritional Therapist at The Institute of Health Sciences a few years ago and I specialize in gut health. I then quit my corporate job to dedicate the rest of my life to helping other professionals with gut issues ( IBS, SIBO, Candida, etc...). I'm immensely grateful for my corporate experience though as it helped me set up my practice, and it also helped me identify the main health challenges that employees face today in the workplace. This is why I am able to create highly customized Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle programmes for professionals working in fast-paced environments.