My name is Amani, I am from Belgium and I live in London. I left Belgium 8 years ago, lived in Dublin for 7 and more recently settled in London

I fell into the world of nutrition about 6 years ago after watching a life-changing documentary called Crazy Sexy Cancer portraying a young american actress diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. She documented her journey across America looking for a miraculous cure. After months of traveling, she finally found peace and happiness through whole natural foods and a healthier lifestyle. That day marked the beginning of my own journey towards better health and self-love. Because let's face it, health goes hand in hand with self-love and self-respect. I suffered from many common yet unpleasant ills such as insomnia, adrenal fatigue, asthma, candida, panic attacks and the list goes on. Being curious by nature and not totally convinced by traditional medicine, I decided to embark on a lifelong adventure of self experimentation with the objective to heal myself by focusing primarily on nutrition and lifestyle.I have come a long way and though I am still far from where I want to be, I am enjoying my experience so far, celebrating every little victory and learning as I go. This is why I decided to get a qualification in Nutritional Therapy at The Institute of Health Sciences  in Dublin, then in 2018 I quit my corporate job at a big Tech company to dedicate the rest of my life to helping other professionals on their journey to optimal health. My experience in the Tech world has helped me identify the main health challenges that employees face today in the workplace. I now successfully create Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle programs for professionals working in fast paced environment