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  • Today I'm eating more and healthy without panicking about needing to rush to the toilet. I have less flatulence. I feel less bloated. 

Massimo, Male, 44, Recruitment Consultant, London, June 2023

IBS, gallstones

  • Today, I feel really good.

K, Female, 5…., Financial Advisor, Essex, September 2021

Insomnia, headaches

  • Reduction in my blood pressure

  • A loss of over 13.5 kilos over the program 

  • My asthma is much more manageable 

F., Male, 50, London, August 2021

Health concerns: asthma, rosacea, blood pressure, weight gain,

  • More importantly, I felt WAY better, clothes were falling off me, and the best part was, I was sleeping better, no more digestive issues, no more gas or bloating, and an overall sense of tremendous energy and positivity. It was a turning point that reset my present and future self and well-being.

Valerie, 62, Leadership Coach, London, September 2021

Fatigue, weight gain, congestion, insomnia

  •  Needless to say that after 2 months, I wasn't bloated anymore and I was able to make more informed dietary decisions that better fit my digestive system.

D, 31, Dublin, Account Manager, April 2020

Bloating and PMS

  • My stools are most of the days 4 type and sometimes 3.  And I still remember the days when one small paprika used to make complete diarrhea!

J, Female, 32, Lithuania, October 2021

IBS with bloating, diarrhea, nerve pain

  • My life has changed I feel so much better now! my energy levels have improved, I have  learned so much about healthy living and lots of tips on looking after my body. I am amazed with how much I have learned about food. To top it all  I’m not on medication any more.  AMAZING!!!!!

M, 45, London, June 2021, Chef

Acid reflux, excessive burping, flatulence, bloating, constipation

  •  Following Amani's guidance, I now have far less symptoms (I still have some naughty foods at times or I'd be symptom-free lol) and I'm enjoying a much better quality of life.

A, Female, 35, London, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, June 2021

IBS constipation, bloating

  • With Amani’s help, not only that I resolve my infection issues, but I turned my whole diet around, changed my food habits, and have even managed to reduce my meat consumption to really low quantities.

  • Overall I am much healthier, much more confident in my diet, and if ever in doubt I know where and what to look for to find answers and make adjustments.

E., Female, 39, Project Manager, Toronto, July 2020

BV, Candida

  • I can say that my symptoms are almost gone, and if they still appear from time to time, I know how to deal with them.

T., 31, Graphic Designer, London, June 2019
Gastrointestinal Issues

  • I feel much better and I know what to do to minimize the discomfort if the acidity comes back.

T, 33, Female, Account Manager, Dublin, November 2020

Bloated, Acidity, Constipation

  • I have now even reintroduced some foods that I thought I would never be able to eat again but now I can.

  • I feel great because the worries about foods have almost fully gone. 

  • Eating well has allowed me to lose some weight, my skin feels lovely and soft, I exercise a lot more now and I generally feel so much better now.

Jay, Female, 55, Retired pharmacist, Kent

July 2020

IBS – diarrhea, bloating

  • After the nutritional program with Amani, I am a new person, I got to know myself better and I like myself.

  • I can get out of my head and enjoy exploring new things, learning. 

Idoia, Female, 48, Chef, London

October 2020

Bloating, anxiety, insomnia

  • We ditched the medicines and worked on the lifestyle side of healing and it's working.

L., Female, 55, Fashion Entrepreneur, London,

October 2020

  •  I know better how to control the bloating and how to avoid feeling discomfort. I do see a big difference in how my hair feels and my skin looks. Even my hairdresser noticed my hear was so healthy and shiny! My mind is definitely clearer and I can focus for longer. I feel more in tune with my body overall.

I, 38, Dublin, Account Manager, November 2020

Bloating, flatulence, hair and skin issues

  • Today, I feel healthy and healed, the cracked lips (in the corners) are all gone, that left within the first month of the program, which made me extremely happy. I also feel rejuvenated and more focused.

K, Female, 32, Software engineer, June  2020

Candida, BV

  • Today, I feel much better! My gut is slowly healing. My mind is also improving. The connection between the gut and the mind is huge. 

R, Female 27, Entrepreneur, USA, Dec 2020

Bloating, flatulence, cramps

  • It has been over two (2) years since we worked with Amani and I can safely say that the programme works. My son no longer struggles with acid reflux, and I no longer fear whenever I have to feed my son. We cannot thank you enough, Amani.

Raquel, Jamaica


acid reflux in child with cerebral palsy

  • On top of being a pleasant person to work with, Amani's guidance allowed achieving great results

R, Female 27, Entrepreneur, USA, Dec 2020

Bloating, flatulence, cramps

Marie-Louise, 67, Brussels, 2021

Reflux gastrique, surpoids, constipation, hypertension, cholesterol

image (2).png

Marie-Louise, 67, Brussels, 2021

Reflux gastrique, surpoids, constipation, hypertension, cholesterol

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