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Health concerns : Fatigue, weight gain, congestion, insomnia

As with most people, my journey since March 2020 when the globe went into a pandemic, has been one of significant upheaval with a major impact on health and fitness through escalated stress and social lockdown.

I was working in Kazakhstan and was evacuated back home to Canada, leaving all my personal belongings in Kazakhstan. I lived out of a suitcase until my things were received in Nov 2020.

With the lockdown and restrictions in Canada, and major downsizing at my employer creating the likelihood that I would lose my job, I consciously sacrificed my wellbeing to focus on keeping my job. Fast forward, I was one of the fortunate to receive a 3 year posting in London. Moving 3 countries in a global pandemic was definitely not a cake walk. However, I landed in London in February and quickly settled in, even in the midst of major UK restrictions.

In June 2021, it was evident that the time had come to reclaim my health and fitness. I joined a local gym, and I had the good fortune to be referred to Amani.

In June 2021, it was evident that the time had come to reclaim my health and fitness. I joined a local gym, and I had the good fortune to be referred to Amani. After looking through her website and based on a solid referral, I made the connection.

Amani’s effervescence, energy, positivity, and apparent knowledge of her field was what attracted me the most. There’s nothing like working with people who believe in you, and are also good in their field. Deciding to work with Amani was instantly a no brainer for me. The cost of the program was an investment in ME and a fraction of the cost of a vacation… which I haven’t taken in almost 2 years so I figured I was worth the reasonable investment. I was right!

Before starting the program, I was feeling tired but not exercising much, and it was clear that certain food items were not supporting good gut health. The problem was, I didn’t know what I didn’t know! I endured frequent bloating, gassy and digestive symptoms despite thinking I was eating quite healthy. It turns out, while many of the foods were very healthy, Amani diagnosed a sensitivity that I’d never heard of before.

During the program, Amani suspected I had a sensitivity to histamines in food. She provided a diet plan along with a regime of supplements to kickstart my system to better health. I was so intrigued, I easily conducted some research online to learn more about histamine sensitivity so I could become an active part of my health program

Another huge benefit of working with Amani is the access to a highly qualified coach who partners with Amani. As a certified coach myself, I didn’t think a coach would offer much help but I was terribly mistaken!

One of the things I realized was that I wanted to lose weight on the program and with a focus on fitness and workouts at the gym. However, the foods I was eating were not typical “diet” foods and in fact were a healthy regime of good hearty food. I quickly realized that the absence of noticeable weight loss really impacted my psychological approach to a healthy lifestyle and I started to feel very discouraged.

During my first coaching conversation with Amani and subsequently with her partner coach (Natalie), I realized that losing weight should be a secondary focus and instead, I needed to focus on lifestyle and sustainability. This process was a chance to reset for life, not just a temporary plan.

So I stopped weighing myself, I started watching food intake and used common sense in portions and lower calorie meals (more salad), and before I knew it, my weight was starting to drop. More importantly, I felt WAY better, clothes were falling off me, and the best part was, I was sleeping better, no more digestive issues, no more gas or bloating, and an overall sense of tremendous energy and positivity. It was a turning point that reset my present and future self and well-being.

Today I feel amazing. It’s just over 2 months since I started this journey and I have the rest of my life to continue. I’m so grateful to Amani and Natalie for their very supportive and knowledgeable approach to setting me on the path to a healthier and happier version of myself

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. If you want to get on the right path for your own body and needs, Amani is your professional to help you get there. Plan the work you need to do and then work the plan and stay committed.

Amani is super helpful and supportive. I will continue to work with Amani in the future as I checkin to make sure my lifestyle journey is a success!

Valerie, 62, Leadership Coach, London, September 2021

Fatigue, weight gain, congestion, insomnia


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