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Health concerns: Severe Acid Reflux in child with Cerebral Palsy

In March 2020, my son who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy had a severe flair up of acid reflux. He has suffered with acid reflux for years as this is common with children with cerebral palsy. My son was in a lot of pain, and I was literally afraid to feed him as it would result in him having chronic belly cramps and chest pain. Traditional medicine did nothing for him. He was on Nexium daily, but we still struggled.

I came across a post from Amani Kaite on LinkedIn, and I was desperate, so I reached out to her. My first conversation with Amani was revelatory as I realized that my sons diet included many food items that triggered his acid reflux. Amani gave us hope and she outlined a treatment plan that included dietary changes as well as the introduction of tinctures and herbs. I learned that one of the main triggers of acid reflux was gluten and once we removed gluten from my son’s diet, we saw significant improvements within the first week.

We live in Jamaica and Amani sourced the tinctures in the UK and shipped them to Jamaica so that we could get the benefit of the products. Even when I thought I was not doing enough as a mom she was always reassuring and available to give a listening ear during our process and for that I will be forever grateful.

It has been over two (2) years since we worked with Amani and I can safely say that the programme works. My son no longer struggles with acid reflux, and I no longer fear whenever I have to feed my son.

We cannot thank you enough Amani.

Raquel, Jamaica, acid reflux in child with cerebral palsy, 2020


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