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You are an extraordinary individual. A corporate superstar. A family rockstar. I see you and I have so much respect for who you are and what you do.

But when was the last time you did something for YOU? Not your boss, not your family...


What about that bloating, acid reflux, skin rash, or migraine that you've had for years but haven't had the ''time'' to do anything about?

I get it. Sometimes you just feel sooo overwhelmed that you aren't sure what to do and where to start. 

''Happiness is a place between too little and too much'' 

Finnish Proverb

Well, I'm here to tell you that you deserve the best in life and that no matter what you're going through, there is a way to make it better. Now imagine if you could


  • Get to the bottom of your IBS, SIBO, rosacea, asthma, high blood pressure, T2 Diabetes, insomnia, stress and unexplained fatigue 

  • Understand why you got to where you are today and what to do about it

Healing your gut is never just about healing your gut.

It's about what you can achieve when your life no longer revolves around your symptoms, whether it is :

* running a marathon, like my IBS client C

* starting a new career, like my client I with adrenal fatigue 

* feeling comfrotable in your clothes, like my client A with PCOS


If you resonate with this mindset, here's your application to work closely with me.


In my approach, I prioritise understanding the individual behind the condition. Instead of asking, 'What does this person have?' I start by asking, 'Who is this person who has IBS/High blood pressure/Lupus?' This person-centered approach allows me to create a custom plan that targets exactly what you need to address, rather than relying on generic 3-step gut health protocols.


Each protocol I develop draws upon my expertise, your test results, and the data I gather from you. These protocols encompass a personalised nutrition plan, a selection of high-quality targeted supplements, and tailored lifestyle recommendations ( very often around nervous system regulation). The protocol is reviewed every two weeks, based on your progress.

I've got a unique Refreshed Body methodology  to address any chronic condition !

1. We begin with you. The question I always start with is : Who are you? NOT what do you have? This is why every single one of my protocols is centered around you, not your condition. This person-centered approach acknowledges that there are unique factors contributing to the development of your condition, which requires a unique protocol to achieve the desired results. Here, I typically request a blood test from you – essentially a snapshot of your health. This, combined with the information from your intake form, enables me to pinpoint areas that require attention.

2. We establish the foundations. Think about it like this : if you're into gardening, what do you need to do to have a healthy soil and grow healthy plants? Once we know what is missing in your soil (from your blood test), we can create an initial foundational plan to create a healthy terrain. 

3. We optimise. Now that we've established a solid foundation, anything we build on top will flourish, much like a vibrant flower in healthy soil. So, how do we get there? Enter functional testing. Functional imbalances occur when our organs aren't performing optimally. A blood test can reveal these imbalances and guide us in pinpointing which body system requires more investigation – whether it's your hormones, digestive system, thyroid, and more. Functional testing goes a step further by showing us how your body functions within your current diet and lifestyle and gives us insights into why you have your current symptoms. From there, we can review your protocol to achieve new levels of health

Here are the blood markers I will need from you ( downloadable pdf) :


Some of my favourite functional tests are :

What EXACTLY will you learn inside my 121 containers?

  • Identify what your ideal healthy life looks like: Understand what feeling your best really looks like so you can stay laser-focused on achieving and maintaining your healthiest self.

  • Discover the root causes and contributing factors of your symptoms Uncover the underlying reasons behind your bloating, weight gain, acid reflux or pcos —be they hormonal imbalances, heavy metal toxicity, bacterial overgrowth, nutrient deficiencies, or low cortisol and the choices that led to these symptoms. So you don’t ever make the same choices again.

  • Uncover the subconscious behaviours that are hindering your success: So you can slowly change them

  • Build new habits : Habis that not only work for you but also assist you in achieving and maintaining your results.

  • Tailor your diet: Explore and pinpoint the diet that best suits your body's unique needs, cutting through the confusion and saying goodbye to those pesky, unwanted symptoms for good.


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