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The wellbeing of your employees should be at the forefront of your decisions.
Can you imagine a workforce without inflammation?

Here are some of the benefits :
👉🏾Increased productivity
👉🏾Enhanced wellbeing
👉🏾Reduced sick days
👉🏾Increased employee engagement
👉🏾Enhanced creativity and innovation
👉🏾Improved customer experience

My workshops explore the link between gut health and mental health, cardiovascular health, hormonal health, etc...

They are fun, informative and VERY practical.

Plus, I offer creative ways to measure the impact of these workshops on the wellbeing of your employees.

What are the next steps?

1. Check out my most popular workshops below

2. Have a look at the different packages

3. Let's arrange a chat so I can create a custom training for your employees


A  Happy Boost Through Nutrition

Most people feel their mood rollercoasters throughout their day. This workshop shares the link between certain foods and poor mood and teaches the foods that should be included in our diet to create our ‘happy hormones’ and support the body and mind during times of stress and poor mental health. 

Topics discussed :

  • The fascinating connection between the gut and the brain (otherwise known as the ‘second brain’) and how to nurture gut health.

  • Foods to include ( and foods to minimise) that help produce happy chemicals that make us feel more grounded and balanced.

  • Tips to build a nutritionally balanced meal to boost our mood.

Eating for a healthy heart

Heart disease remains the leading global health concern, but the good news is that prevention is within our grasp through healthy lifestyle choices.  So let's work together to raise awareness of the risk factors and share practical strategies for lifelong heart health.

In this workshop, we will discuss :

  • The essentials of cardiovascular well-being, from understanding blood sugars, cholesterol, and blood pressure to identifying major risk factors.

  • Important numbers to know so you can take charge of your heart health.

  • how nutrition, lifestyle choices, and targeted supplements can play a vital role in preventing or even reversing cardiovascular diseases.

Know your cycle for energy, happiness & productivity 

Female hormonal cycles have natural and predictable fluctuations that affect mood, energy and cognition. Women’s hormonal   phases can be a guide, giving them a blueprint to launch, execute, and finish projects of all kinds. Each phase of a woman’s cycle provides her with amazing brain superpowers, so it’s essential to know what those are and when they happen so she can plan ahead to take advantage of them.  

Topics discussed :

  • Why women’s cycle is an amazing sustainability system that can help them know themselves better and boost their creativity and productivity at work.

  • The four hormonal phases of women’s cycle and the changes that they experience physically and mentally in each one of them.

  • Easy nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help ease PMS symptoms and support each hormonal phase of women’s cycle.

Inclusive Nutrition

Food is much more than energy for our bodies. It is also a cultural heritage. Most diet plans limit our understanding of healthy food by emphasising Eurocentric cuisine. Salmon and kale are healthy...but so are millet and okra.


Healthier eating isn't about making swaps here and there to fit someone's culture into a Eurocentric diet. It is about having a deep understanding of the way the person eats, how they cook, their practices around preparing and serving food and helping them to reach their health goals with all those things in mind.


This workshop will aim to redefine what healthy eating looks like, all while celebrating the richness of cultural foods. 

Modern Office


  • 1 x 60-90 min workshop ( content and Q&A)

  • 1 customised meal plan that includes all the foods mentioned in the workshop

  • 1 x 45-min follow up Q&A session within one month after the workshop. This additional Q&A aims to deliver tailored advice specifically designed to motivate and drive behavioral changes.

  • Investment : 3,000 £



  • 3 x 60-90 min workshops ( content and Q&A) delivered over a period of 6 months

  • 3 customised meal plans that include all the foods mentioned in the workshops

  • 3 x 45-min follow up Q&A sessions within one month after each workshop. These additional Q&A sessions aim to deliver tailored advice specifically designed to motivate and drive behavioral changes.

  • Investment :  6,000 £

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