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Health concerns: Candida, BV

I was really done with having the skin in the corner of my lips be so chapped I couldn't open my mouth too wide or it hurt as a result of candida.

I saw one of Amani’s fb posts about gut health on a woman's travel group, so I read up more on your profile and started inquiring from there. She seemed professional, knowledgeable, and very specific about the sort of issues she has helped resolve.

Before the programme, I had low energy, my appetite was disproportionate and my eating was all wrong, my sleep pattern was off, so I was sleepy a lot of times, I had mild depression and my bowel movement wasn't as frequent as it was prior.

During the program, I could feel my energy picking up due to my eating lifestyle altering for the better with the recipes you gave me, along with other suggestions, I felt healthy and vibrant again.

I think my biggest challenge was cutting out processed sugars, so Amani suggested I use natural sweetness, like fruit (that didn't have an overwhelming amount of natural sugar, like mangos) blueberries (which I was already doing), apples, bananas and continue using Stevia as a sweetener for other things.

Today, I feel healthy and healed, the cracked lips (in the corners) is all gone, that left within the first month of the program, which made me extremely happy. I also feel rejuvenated and more focused.

My advice to anyone is to start the program, stay the course and follow Amani's guidance to the letter and make alterations along the way if necessary, and just be flexible and patient with your process, it takes time and you're worth the time.

K, Female, 32,Software engineer, June 2020

Candida, BV


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