Health concerns: Bloating and PMS

I worked with Amani for about 2 months last year because I was suffering from major digestive discomfort, a lot of bloating and stomach cramps. After the first session with her, I started feeling better and my discomfort was easing up. I couldn't believe that a couple of small changes could have such a big impact on my wellbeing. I received a treatment plan after testing and I appreciated the natural element of it. Needless to say that after 2 months, I wasn't bloated anymore and I was able to make more informed dietary decisions that better fit my digestive system.

D, 31, Dublin, Account Manager, April 2020

Bloating and PMS


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I've gone through years of gastro issues. I've done all the different types of restrictive diets. But something was missing. With each route I take to correct my stomach issues, I learn something new.

I was really done with having the skin in the corner of my lips be so chapped I couldn't open my mouth too wide or it hurt as a result of candida. I saw one of Amani’s fb posts about gut health on a w