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Health concerns: Insomnia, headaches

Having had years of insomnia and daily headaches and recently setting up my own business, felt the time was right to be the best me I could be!

I got in touch with because I really enjoyed the wellness sessions she did for SJP during lockdown and felt she was the right person for me. Before starting the programme, I was determined and hopeful,

There were no real challenges during the programme other than establishing good routines and generally looking after myself better – I overcame it by being determined that the process would make a difference

Today, I feel good. I would highly advise anyone interested in her programmes to listen to her

Listen to everything Amani says, she is informative and insightful, and stick with the programme – things can sometimes take time to make a difference but it’s worth it in the end!

K, Female, 5…., Financial Advisor, Essex, September 2021

Insomnia, headaches


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