Health concerns: IBS constipation, bloating

Working with Amani is the best investment I have ever made into my personal health. I had been suffering with IBS-like symptoms for the best part of 15 years and it had ruined my life on more than one occasion. I became so frustrated with my body and I just felt like it was broken. Working with Amani she explained to me what was taking place in my gut and supported me with the right supplements to reset the balance.

I wish I had this information before, I would have spent less time hating my body for not functioning properly and I would have put the work in to start repairing it years ago.

Following Amani's guidance I now have far less symptoms (I still have some naughty foods at times or I'd be symptom free lol) and I'm enjoying a much better quality of life. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

A, Female, 35, London, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, June 2021

IBS constipation, bloating


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