Natalie Davis

Wellbeing & Life Coach

My name is Natalie and The 'Wellbeing girl' launched back in 2016.

I am a holistic Wellbeing & Life Coach and I specialise in supporting the whole of you.

I have a background in the physical activity sector and therefore feel strongly about bringing together emotional and physical health.

Instead of just focusing on one aspect I have a holistic approach and bring together all parts of you, whether that is spiritually, physically, emotionally, or mentally.''




Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Personalised and Holistic, Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine - Functional Medicine.

''My true goal is to create a higher standard for what we call health today.

And make it accessible to all.

I specialise in gut, skin, and immune health, and can help you with fatigue, stress, and sleep, as well as much more.

My further interests lie in supporting sports training and performance as well as creating optimal health''