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Emotional Health Specialists 

Lysiane Sublet.jpeg

Lysiane Sublet

Psychologue, experte en changement comportemental ; formée en coaching et fixation d’objectifs ; formée à la thérapie somatique de l’attachement.

Lysiane est une psychologue qui s’est spécialisée dans les problématiques relationnelles et la manière dont notre système nerveux a un impact sur notre manière de vivre nos relations. 


Au cours de ses différentes expériences, elle s’est rendu compte des limites d’un travail effectué uniquement autour du psychologique ou au contraire uniquement tourné autour du physique. 


Elle met donc un point d’honneur à avoir une approche holistique dans sa pratique, car selon elle, le corps ne peut être en bonne santé si on ne se préoccupe pas de son bien-être émotionnel et l’esprit ne peut aller bien si on ne prend pas soin de son corps.

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Jade Matthew

Therapist & Personal Development Coach

After finding herself at an all-time low following a period of immense trauma & grief, Jade found herself lost in both career, relationships and mindset. Turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms, it was only when she discovered NLP, Timeline Therapy & Hypnotherapy herself as a client, that she began her journey towards health, happiness & healing.


Jade is a Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Personal Development Coach. Following a 15 year career in the Arts as an Award-winning Actress, she trained as a Therapist in order to continue her commitment to making a positive change within the Creative Arts. After founding 'Session'; a Mental Health resource which specialises in professionals working in the Arts, she has extended her work to wider industries, and now helps people from all walks of life to support their mental health and personal development journey. She has had immense success helping people rediscover & reconnect to themselves, remove negative patterns & habits, improving their personal & professional relationships and confidence.


Jade believes in a unique approach to each session depending on the individuals needs, and uses a wide range of techniques in order to facilitate your session to the specific requirements of each person. 


Central to Jade’s work are NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping, EMDR (Eye movement), Breathwork, Regression & Time-Line Therapy, Future Pacing, Career & Life Coaching Techniques.

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