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Health concerns: Bloating, anxiety, insomnia

Hello Amani!

It has been a pleasure to get to know you and to experience your personalized, all-around holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing. Such a transforming experience for me! I have learned lots with you, thanks to you I have got to know myself and my gut much better. Million thanks for the beautiful present.

First, I decided to take action because I was feeling constantly de-energised with either mood swings or depression, I couldn't move my right arm and I had acute pain in my shoulder as well so I was doing sessions with my chiropractor, who recommended to pay attention to my diet and introduced me to you. When I decided to undergo this nutritional program I had lots of fears and panic attacks that I couldn't ignore any longer and found myself wondering if this life was worth it. Increasingly worried about things and feeling worthless and impotent to change anything, I realised that my lack of sleep had taken a toll on me. I had so many reasons to try to do something about it, so I guess that is how I found the determination to follow Amani's nutritional program.

I chose to work with Amani because my chiropractor mentioned the importance of the diet among other things like sport and sleep, in order to keep the body and mind happy and healthy. He also said that she was the best nutritionist he knows :) As I mentioned before I had a sense of worthlessness, mood swings, overwhelming inability to change anything, and overall increasing fears and worries. Physical exhaustion.

During the program, I felt that I have in Amani the experience and support that I needed, someone to talk about all my concerns and physical issues. That boosted my confidence and reassured me that I was doing the right thing.

Was there any challenge? Nope. I get so excited now! More challenges, please! No , seriously, the biggest challenge is to change the mindset, the filter through which we make sense of what we see and think. Conditioning and limiting beliefs sabotage ourselves, if you think twice.

You want to give up smoking? Change your mindset.

You want to cut down on sugars? Change your mindset.

You want to give up coffee and alcohol? Change your mindset.

After the nutritional program with Amani, I am a new person, I got to know myself better and I like myself. I can get out of my head and enjoy exploring new things, learning. I know that we have done a great job together and it is all in my best interest.

The program with Amani has been such a transforming opportunity and a learning experience that everyone should give themselves the chance to experience.

If you still have doubts about the importance of your diet and the impact that it has in your physical and mental well-being my advice is READ about it and then give to yourself the chance with a personalised nutritional treatment with Amani, for me is the ultimate!

Idoia, Female, 48, Chef, London

October 2020

Bloating, anxiety, insomnia


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