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Health concerns: IBS, gallstones

I have been working with Amani since January this year. It's been an incredible journey where I have received enough support, encouragement, and precious advice to deal with my gut health issues.

The biggest part of 2020 has been particularly challenging as I have had a few severe gallbladder attacks (at first, I thought I was having a heart attack). I have been officially diagnosed with gallstones and since then I have tried different ways to help myself (I didn't want to go straight to surgery). In the meantime, I have developed severe gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, flatulence, and stomach cramps to the extent that I decided to do a gastroscopy and endoscopy test (all was "ok", apart from being diagnosed with an overlap of upper and lower GI symptoms - gut hypersensitivity).

I came across an Instagram post by Amany through someone we both know and since then my life has taken a different kind of direction. Amani has encouraged me to do a few more tests which have given me much more clarity on my gut health. Through a holistic program, I have transformed specific behaviours with food that were not serving me. I have challenged old limiting beliefs around medicine. I have become more conscious about my food choices. It's been a journey of ups and downs. Amani has always been there with her encouraging positive attitude to help me find the strength to pick myself up and move forward.

Today I'm eating more and healthy without panicking about needing to rush to the toilet. I have less flatulence. I feel less bloated. More than 10 stones have been dissolved or eliminated. I haven't had any gallbladder attacks.

The battle still goes on as I'm now addressing my issue with fat absorption but I am blessed to have such an inspiring gut health practitioner who is passionate about helping people live a better life.

M, Male, 42, Recruitment Consultant, London, June 2021

IBS, gallstones


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