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Health concerns: Gastrointestinal issues

I have been struggling with gastrointestinal issues for a long time. I have seen several doctors but none could help me. So I have decided to read a lot of books and articles, listen to podcasts, but the information was too much to deal with and trying to do everything well I started to be stressed and none of my symptoms were disappearing.

Amani helped me a lot to learn about my body and listen to it. She gave me a lot of tools, explained the role of each nutrient.

We built the right diet for me, discussed intermittent Fasting and natural probiotics. (I am making my own kombucha now!) I can say that my symptoms are almost gone, and if they still appear from time to time, I know how to deal with them. I am really thankful to Amani; she is one of the most passionate persons that I know.'

T., 31, Graphic Designer, London, June 2019


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"On top of being a pleasant person to work with, Amani's guidance allowed to achieve great results: - change in eating habits, - improvement of gut health, less prone to infections and better recovery

I've gone through years of gastro issues. I've done all the different types of restrictive diets. But something was missing. With each route I take to correct my stomach issues, I learn something new.

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