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Health concerns: bloated, acidity, constipation

I was suffering from a bloated tummy, acidity, constipation, really strong pain in the stomach... lots of things at the same time. For a long time, I didn’t know what to do. I was getting used to this discomfort until I decided to have a chat with Amani and set up a plan for recovering and getting my gut health back to normal. Amani helped me to check all my gut bacterias and understand where my pain was coming from. Getting in touch and starting the conversation was very easy as I knew Amani for some time already and she actually appeared just at the perfect moment, when I was having my worst period of pain.

Amani has a friendly approach, she has good experience in the subject and very trustworthy. Also because I knew her from before.

Before starting the programme, I felt horrible, I had a bloated tummy, acidity and constipation from time to time. Traveling and changing my routine was a big deal as all my food was getting impacted.

During the programme, Amani gave me support and made me aware if I work on it I can better my gut health. Just had to change a few things and introduce more veggies and supplements to my diet. Also, Amani helped me to start loving smoothies and to have at least 1 per day.

Now after the programme, I feel much better and I know what to do to minimize the discomfort if the acidity comes back. If you are on the fence, just go for it. It’s your health, your well-being and there is no time to wait. I’ve been waiting for way too long time before I decided to take action and improve my health.

T, 33, Female, Account Manager, Dublin

November 2020


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