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Health concerns: BV, Candida

All my life I’ve been struggling with issues around food - too picky, too scared to try new ones, too used to what I knew, couldn’t care less about food, just had to be done. This and possibly other circumstances brought a condition that my doctors were not able to help me with. I was constantly getting candida and BV infections. I knew I had to tackle the food problem, as there was nothing else left to try to resolve it.

As the pandemic was progressing and my environment was stable - locked at home like all, I came across Amani’s post in a FB group talking about her journey of winning over asthma. I decided to reach out. After our first talk, I knew she is the person I need to work with. Her calm demeanor and knowledge, as well as no pressure but do-the-right-thing ways, were exactly what I needed. Throughout the program, Amani guided me with specific for my case advice, she gave me background on the reasons why we are taking a specific action and she continued to support me even after the program ended.

I had a great experience working with Amani. I didn’t feel pressure, or any fear that I’ll need to give up any food I like, or move to foods I don’t like. It was all very smooth and reassuring experience. I wish I had done this much earlier in my life. With Amani’s help, not only that I resolved my infection issues, but I turned my whole diet around, changed my food habits, and have even managed to reduce my meat consumption to really low quantities. Overall I am much healthier, much more confident in my diet, and if ever in doubt I know where and what to look for to find answers and make adjustments.

E., Female, 39, Project Manager,

Toronto, July 2020

BV, Candida


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